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Founded in 1978, Hemet Education Foundation has made a tremendous impact thanks to the help of teachers, administrators and volunteers in the Hemet Unified School District and surrounding community. Our work focuses on providing outstanding students with the financial support they need to fulfill their goal of a quality college education. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our local students.

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Join the "Bucks-a-Month Club"

Our only fundraiser is our yearly "Bucks-a-Month Club," an easy voluntary payroll deduction option for employees of the Hemet Unified School District.  Just click the "Download" button below to download, print and submit your form.

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If you are NOT an employee of the Hemet Unified School District, but you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to the Hemet Education Foundation, you may donate by personal check:

  • Make check payable to:  Hemet Education Foundation

  • Mail check to the following address:

​Hemet Education Foundation​​

c/o Hemet Unified School District

1791 W. Acacia Ave.

Hemet, CA 92545

Get to Know Us

The Hemet Education Foundation is a non-profit support organization serving the students of the Hemet Unified School District for over 40 years. 


Just since 2010, the HEF has provided more than $300,000 in financial support for students and school sites through the donation of various monetary gifts.  


Presently, the Foundation awards five $5000 scholarships to the valley's comprehensive high schools and $500 scholarships to the alternative high schools.


Our foundation also facilitated disbursement of the $40,000 Beatrice Brown Grant to the Hemet Unified School District for the purchase of sensory equipment to aid students with moderate to severe disabilities; we donated $3600 to purchase "Maker Space" kits for newly-opened Hemet Elementary, and have awarded $500-$1000 to each of the district's middle schools.  


Through the "Bucks-a-Month" contributions by valley teachers, support staff, and community members, the HEF would like to increase its ability to help in various ways.


Those who are not employees of the Hemet Unified School District but wish to donate to the Hemet Education Foundation may make a single donation by check.  See the details on the left.


Remember, all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and 100% of all donations is given back to students and schools!

The HEF Board

The Core of Our Efforts

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Dr. Christi Barrett, Superintendent

Ron Breyer
HEF President
Retired, HUSD

Dr. Alex Ballard
HEF Vice-President
HUSD Director of Assessment & Accountability

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Sue Breyer
HEF Co-Treasurer
Retired, HUSD

Jason Chrest
HEF Co-Treasurer

Retired, HUSD


Claire Doolittle
HEF Secretary
Retired, HUSD

Al Fernandes_edited.jpg

Al Fernandes
HEF Board Member
Retired, HUSD

Dr. Derek Jindra,
HEF Board Member HUSD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

No Photo Available

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Billy Valenzuela.JPG

No Photo Available

Ted Smith
HEF Board Member
Retired, HUSD

Ross Valenzuela
HEF Board Member
HUSD School Board Member

Billy Valenzuela
HEF Board Member
Teacher, West Valley High School

Samantha Zavilla
HEF Board Member
CSEA Executive Board

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Hemet Education Foundation Board Members, Dr. Derek Jindra at left, and Dr. Alex Ballard, right, receive the Hemet Unified School District's "Good Apple Award" on behalf of the Foundation.

HEF Receives "Good Apple  Award"

In Recognition for its Many Financial Contributions to the Hemet Unified
School District

The Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) recently recognized the Hemet Education Foundation with a “Good Apple Award” at its Board meeting on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.  Foundation Vice President Dr. Alex Ballard and Foundation Board member Dr. Derek Jindra, both District administrators, presented a $16,000.00 grant to the district.  This donation was made possible by a $6000.00 grant from the “Sue and Hillas Cole Memorial Donor Advised Fund at Inland Empire Community Foundation Where Giving Grows” – and was made in conjunction with the Hemet Education Foundation.  In addition, the Hemet Education Foundation contributed another $10,000.00, for a total grant of $16,000.  Each of the 16 elementary schools in the HUSD will receive $1000.00 for the purchase of band instruments.


The Hemet Education Foundation’s mission is to give thousands of dollars back to the Hemet Unified School District, much of the financial support in the form of annual scholarships to high school seniors within HUSD.  The Foundation awards a $5000 scholarship each year to a qualifying student at each of the comprehensive high schools, and a $500 scholarship to a qualifying senior at each of the two alternative high schools.  The Foundation has contributed nearly $310,000 to the district since 2010.


2023 Hemet Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Five outstanding students from each of the Hemet Unified School District comprehensive high schools received a $5000.00 scholarship:  Hemet High, West Valley, Tahquitz, Hamilton, Western Center Academy.  One qualifying student from the alternative high school, Academy of Innovation, received a $500.00 scholarship: Congratulations to all!!

  • Emma Lenton - West Valley   $5000

  • Jace Baca - Hemet High  $5000

  • Shanel Vandoorn - Tahquitz High  $5000

  • Thomas Mainhart - Western Center  $5000

  • Josh Montiel - Hamilton High  $5000

  • Ericarmen Portillo - Academy of Innovation  $500

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2022 Hemet Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients

One qualifying student from each comprehensive high school in the Hemet Unified School District will receive a $5000.00 scholarship:  Hemet High, West Valley, Tahquitz, Hamilton, Western Center Academy.  Qualifying students from each of the alternative high schools will receive a $500.00 scholarship: Alessandro High School and Academy of Innovation.

  • Jonthon Sanchez - West Valley   $5000

  • Aneth Castaneda  Hemet High  $5000

  • Kai Ware - Tahquitz High  $5000

  • Christopher Huerta - Western Center  $5000

  • Janeth Culviner - Hamilton High  $5000

  • Starr Iwaszewski - Academy of Innovation  $500

My project-1.jpg
My project-1.jpg

Hemet Education Foundation Honors 2021 Graduates

Scholarship recipients for 2021 survived a tumultuous year of virtual and hybrid learning as a result of the COVID pandemic.  Five lucky seniors from the district’s comprehensive high schools – Hemet High, West Valley, Tahquitz, Hamilton High and Western Center Academy — received the Hemet Education Foundation’s (HEF) generous $5000 scholarship, while a sixth student from the Academy of Innovation, one of the district’s alternative schools, walked away with a $500 HEF scholarship. (See photo from top left)

  • Malia Arrocena - Tahquitz High  $5000

  • Alize Acevedo - Hamilton High $5000

  • Elijahua Contreras - Western Center  $5000

  • Lailah Dodd - West Valley High  $5000 (bottom left)

  • Judith Almaraz - Academy of Innovation $500

  • Cambria Beard - Hemet High  $5000

Hemet Education Foundation Supports Local Scholars - 2020

The Hemet Education Foundation is able to provide these scholarships each year with funds earned through their only fundraising program – the “Bucks-a-Month Club” — in which HUSD employees make monthly contributions via payroll deduction.This year’s $5000 scholarship recipients are as follows (starting at top row, left to right):

  • Avery Perez, Western Center Academy  $5000

  • Rashad Bennett - Helen Hunt Jackson College Prep HS  $500

  • Paulina Garcia - West Valley High School $5000

  • Camille Williams - Hemet High School  $5000

  • Savannah Sawyer - Tahquitz High School $5000 

  • Dystany Hodges - Hamilton High School  $5000


2019 - HEF "Shares the Wealth" with the Hemet Unified School District, with $1000 contributions to elementary and middle schools

Co-Presidents, Ron and Sue Breyer, recruit new members of the "Bucks-a-Month Club" at the 2019 HUSD Kickoff event


Proud Silver Sponsor of the
Hemet San Jacinto Student of the Month Program


c/o Hemet Education Foundation

1791 W Acacia Ave, Hemet, CA 92545


(ask to leave a message for the Hemet Education Foundation)

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